May 2018

1. Introduction

Here at Empreinte, we believe that respecting your privacy and respecting the law is of the utmost importance.
This privacy policy sets out all that we do to keep your personal data safe.
The information contained within the policy is subject to change at any time. We invite you to check it regularly.
Please note that in using the sites www.empreinte.eu and www.empreintelatelierlingerie.com, you give your consent for the collection, recording, organisation, storage and use of your personal data by us, in accordance with our present confidentiality policy.

2. When do we collect your data?

We collect your data when:
- you visit our sites
- you create an account
- you make a purchase
- you subscribe to our newsletters
- you take part in special operations
- you visit one of our Empreinte L’Atelier lingerie shops
- you contact us, particularly when you call us or make a query or complaint to our Client Services Team

3. Which data do we collect?

We treat all information that would enable someone to identify you, directly or indirectly, as “personal data”. We collect the following personal data:
- the data you provide when filling out our forms: title, name and surname, your address, your phone numbers, your email address, your date of birth or your age
- data relating to your purchasing history: the items you bought, colours, sizes
- any questions you ask us (for our archives)

4. How do we use your personal data?

We collect your data for some or all of the following purposes:
- administration of our site and improvement of our quality of service online and in our shops
- managing our clients/sales leads to help us meet your expectations
- Client Relation Management (CRM), so that we can get to know you better and provide you with personalised information about our products and services (especially by email and text).

We also use your data to improve your experience on our website: it helps us to understand how you use our website and its contents, manage your online account, process your payments, ensure that our site is as user-friendly as possible, and protect you against fraud.

5. How can you access your personal details?

You can always contact us by post (Empreinte – 5 Rue de l’Eau Blanche – 29200 Brest), by email: dpo-web@empreinte.eu or by phone: 0800 505 009 to access the personal details that you have shared with us.

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by contacting us at the address below or clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link contained in every email we send to you.

In accordance with the law, you have the right to access, modify, delete or transfer your personal data, as well as the right to oppose or limit our use of it. You can withdraw consent to use of your data at any time. You can also provide instructions for the storage, erasure or sharing of your personal data after your death. To exercise these rights, you should send us a claim along with a copy of your passport or identity card containing your signature:

By email: dpo-web@empreinte.eu
By post to the following address: Empreinte – 5 Rue de l’Eau Blanche – 29200 Brest

6. Do we share your personal data?

We will never sell or pass on your data to third-party companies for commercial purposes. However, they may be transferred to service providers chosen for their expertise and reliability, acting in our name and under our instructions, to provide you with services (order processing and dispatch, secure payment, client service management, maintenance operations and technical development, handling feedback on our products and services, personalisation of our services, market analysis, management of online campaigns etc.). We allow these providers to use your data only in so far as it is legal and necessary to provide you with our services, and we endeavour to ensure that your personal data is always protected.

We may also share your data with the local authorities if the law demands this, or as part of an enquiry, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

7. How do we protect your personal data?

Empreinte makes use of appropriate technical and organisational measures, according to the nature of the data and the risks involved in their use, to preserve the security and confidentiality of your personal data and prevent them being modified or accessible to an unauthorised third party.

8. For how long do we store your personal data?

We ensure that we do not store your personal data longer than is necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy policy, in accordance with the relevant laws.

As a general rule:
- Our sales leads data are stored, unless you oppose this or demand their erasure, for a period of three years, from the date of their collection or the completion of transactions. At the end of this three-year period, we will contact you to ask whether you wish to continue hearing from us. In the absence of an explicit affirmative response from you, your data will be deleted or archived according to the relevant regulations.

- In general, your personal data will be stored for as long as your commercial relationship with us continues, and for three years after the completion of transactions, when they will be archived, to enable us to meet our legal obligations or for evidential purposes, or they will be anonymised for research and statistical purposes. However, we may preserve certain data after the deletion of your account if such storage is required by law, or if it is necessary to allow us to manage litigations and disputes. In certain cases, we will conserve some of your personal data even if you delete your account, either by legal obligation or if there is a problem concerning your account, such as an unpaid balance or an unresolved complaint or dispute. In such cases, the data necessary to resolve the problem or litigation will be conserved for the duration of the dispute, in accordance with the laws relating to limitation. Other data may be subject to storage once it has been anonymised for research and statistical purposes.