Balconette neckline

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Low-necked bra

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Low-necked bra

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Maison Empreinte

A French brand created in 1946, Empreinte, the innovative designer of high-quality lingerie, has been breaking all the rules of beauty for curvy women ever since, by dedicating its expertise to designing stunning and unbeatably comfortable lingerie.

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Empreinte, French brand for women's lingerie

Founded in 1946, Empreinte is one of France’s most prestigious lingerie brands for high-end swimsuits and lingerie. The beauty expert for large busts, Empreinte dresses women of every body shape and size from cups C to H. Empreinte’s vocation is to “make women feel confident and happy with their bodies thanks to corsetry which combines great support with French elegance.

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” Confidence, generosity and innovation are written in Empreinte’s genes. The brand is a leader in high-end lingerie and swimsuits which blend comfort and support with French elegance and aestheticism. Empreinte has chosen responsible and sustainable production methods with an exclusive use of European-made materials.Our creative process is guided by our insistence on quality and the choice of luxurious, exclusive materials, Focus on customer happiness as our primary goal. Our collections are available in multiple colors, so that you can always find what you want at any given time. No matter the occasion, our color line has a solution to match your desires. Timeless neutrals like black, white, caramel, pearl, and gold are available as well as fashionable, vivacious colors that accentuate your look: pink, red, purple, blue or green.

Wired large-cup bras, available in cups C to H

VAs a daily garment and a woman’s secret ally, a bra must be comfortable. Comfort aside, all women deserve to have excellent support. It’s not always easy having a larger bust. While it is a seduction asset for some, it can be a burden for others. In any case, finding a bra that suits one’s body shape is a fundamental need which any woman can relate to. Perfect support, total comfort, and sublime elegance are often hard to find all together in a larger cup size. This is where Empreinte demonstrates all its expertise. Empreinte offers a wide range of bras so that every woman can reveal her true self: wired, padded, full-coverage, reassuring or seductive, in cups C to H, invisible, seamless, strapped or strapless...

Our invisible bras with added support for larger busts

Women are more and more attracted to seamless lingerie; Empreinte is continually expanding its expertise in this area. Comfortable invisible lingerie has become a new wardrobe essential. Empreinte’s lingerie has all the assets necessary for seduction: a unique fit and comfort, luxury materials, fashionable colors, all available in cup sizes up to H. Empreinte’s invisible bras offer top performance combining invisibility with comfortand lift. Women finally have the option of lingerie that is functional as well as elegant, seductive and modern. Our invisible bras are available in a range of models: full coverage, classic with wires, padded, spacer plunge with multi-position straps, and bandeau either strapped or strapless. This line is ideal for women who are looking for comfortable lingerie with good support for larger busts while remaining invisible under clothing. Whether they’re worn under a cashmere sweater for an everyday look or a dress for a special occasion, our seamless bras highlight a woman’s feminine shape without any unsightly lines.

Demi-cup, full coverage, and plunge bras for comfort and glamor

Our wish is to provide women with glamorous but comfortable lingerie. Our collections offer different bra models made of lace, microfiber or knitted materials, so that every woman can find what she needs. The ideal shape for seduction, our demi-cup bra emphasizes bosomly curves with its low neckline, Our classic full-coverage bra is made with a three-part construction designed to push the bust forwards for a more flattering silhouette. It offers centered straps for greater support and more bust coverage for ease of mind.

Our sporty-chic bras

Whether we do it to feel good, take care of ourselves, compete, or just get outside for a bit, exercise is a part of our lives and shouldn’t exclude aesthetics and our fashion desires. Fashion and exercise are two worlds which constantly collide and inspire each other. Empreinte steps away from the norms and offers sober, timeless styles with a modern flair. Empreinte has created an innovative, effective and unique line. We’ve used our unique expertise in seamless lingerie to create a sporty-chic line for modern women in cup sizes C and up. Empreinte’s INITIALE line makes sportswear synonymous with modernity for a totally new combination of performance and comfort with a resolutely chic and feminine style. INITIALE provides the answer to the two-pronged issue of exercising with confidence and maintaining bust support. With guaranteed support up to a cup size H and minimal bounce no matter the activity, Empreinte has put all of its technique and expert knowledge to the test to produce this high-performance garment. The materials and finishings are designed for ultimate comfort and perfect breathability. This unbelievably light-weight bra is a true ally during all athletic activities. Three years of research, development and testing were needed to perfect this unique collection of ingenious treasures, designed for any woman with an eye for updated styles. The metallic accents, graphic lines and subtle colors of this line will be enticing even beyond the realm of athleticism. The INITIALE bra lends its reassuring coverage and perfect support to the confident pursuit of any athletic activity for women up to an H cup. This bra offers unparalleled performance among sports models. Bounce is reduced to a minimum while femininity is preserved by the flattering silhouette. Every detail is designed to ensure optimum performance, with quick-drying, breathable cup-spacing material and multi-position straps. The wires go unnoticed and yield way to a feminine curve, with total comfort provided by the garment’s secret high-tech construction. This sober, modern style has an irresistible timelessness. Soft, comfortable material, beautiful metallic seaming, flat seams and a wide waistband make our hipster brief a necessary basic in the sportswear line. The refined graphic style of our leggings is accentuated by geometric seams and a wide waistband. Our extraordinarily soft “EMANA” material was chosen for its comfort, breathability, durability and quick drying properties.

Large-cup strapless bras

Empreinte’s garments are suitable for daily wear under any outfit. Our strapless bras are practical garments which will reassure women looking for function and invisibility. A true must-have in any wardrobe, a strapless bra offers the perfect compromise between function and aesthetics. Available up to cup size F,the lace-covered cups exude a quiet elegance.

Womens’ panties, bikini briefs, thongs and hipster briefs - Lace, embroidery and lycra

Empreinte offers a full range of bottoms available in sizes 6 to 22. Different models from panties to briefs to thongs to hipster briefs perfectly outline and accentuate feminine curves. Made with lace, embroidery, or extra-soft knit, each bottom is designed for elegance, comfort and invisibility under clothing.

1 or 2-piece large-cup swimsuits, available in cups C to G

Empreinte’s swimsuits are characterized by their chic and sober styles. Graphic energy and femininity serve as the inspirations for the choice of themes in each season’s collection. Our goal is to offer modern swimsuits with detail-oriented and timeless lines to outline the silhouette. Comfort is a must for a swimsuit that fits like a second skin to perfectly match and highlight your body’s curves. Our garments feature expert corsetry and a choice of durable, shape-enhancing materials that give you perfect curves without the need for wires, resulting in a 1-piece suit which combines flair and freedom of movement. This is a guaranteed high-performance garment for all sizes, including larger busts. In our opinion, details make all the difference, so all our models feature adjustable straps, lining for lighter colors, and bikini separates that suit every body type. Our brand is attentive to women who assert their personal style. Our swimsuits are available in neutral, confidence-inspiring colors as well as colorful prints ranging from sizes 8 through 20 in cups C to G.

Our 1-piece swimsuits and tankinis for larger busts

LEmpreinte’s 1-piece swimsuits are available in bustier, deep-V, demi-cup and shape-enhancing models so that every woman can find the swimsuit that matches her expectations and body shape. We also offer tankinis, a flattering alternative to the one-piece swimsuit for women seeking comfort, support, and reassurance. Tankinis hug your feminine curves and sculpt your waist for a sophisticated silhouette. All our swimsuits are produced in Italy using Lycra® Beauty fibers, making our suits light and comfortable with a structured, smoothing effect. They are also quick-drying and resistant to chlorine and sun exposure.

Our 2-piece swimsuits available up to cup size G

Empreinte offers a wide range of two-piece suits that can be coordinated or mixed and matched. You won’t be able to resist the wide variety of tops and bottoms. Every woman will find the perfect combination for an ideal summer at the pool or on the beach, whether it’s a bustier for optimal tanning or a halter top to show off a larger bust.

Womens’ beachwear

Empreinte also offers a complete line of womens’ beachwear to accessorize its swimsuits: pareos, tunics, and loose trousers are all constructed in flowing materials making them comfortable to wear in summer weather. Our beachwear is available in sizes S to XL

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