Since its foundation in Brest in 1946, the French brand Empreinte has been an expert in high-quality lingerie and swimwear. Empreinte champions strong, caring, generous and self-assured femininity for all women, from a C cup to an H cup.

A trusted partner, Empreinte supports women with their well-being and sense of femininity. Ours is a unique expertise that has been developing alongside you for decades.


Our exclusive expertise is based on a unique, closely guarded product development process. It is one of the most demanding and meticulous in the industry and is checked during extensive fittings on a wide range of ‘real life’ women. It is this bespoke spirit that has driven the brand from the outset.

Our lingerie is designed to liberate women's self-confidence and to help them feel at ease with their bodies through a combination of unique support and French-style elegance.


Innovation is a key value for the brand. It has developed cup sizes A, B and C from its inception, as well as the enhancement of figures and having a visual identity specific to the brand. This is matched with unrivalled expertise in invisible, seamless products.

From the outset, Empreinte’s mission has always been to care for women from a C to an H cup.


Every year, the company takes on new apprentices who are trained by skilled seamstresses at our sewing school in our factory in Brest, France. This ensures that this unique expertise is passed on.

The company employs around a hundred people in Brest, particularly in the factory’s assembly department in Rue de l'Eau Blanche.