The brand’s ingenious and passionate founder, Jean Le Her, was trained in medical bandages and after the war he devoted his time to providing support for women, to help them feel good with their bodies. That was how he came to launch a range of body-shaping products. The brand Empreinte emerged.


Empreinte introduced the concept of measuring cup size in France: "A, B, C", a real development in this market of body-shaping products. Women could now find lingerie that was adapted to their body shape.


The brand was a success and continued to adapt to the needs of women by adding cup sizes D and E to its collections.


This was the era of the feminist revolution and the women’s liberation movement, and so Empreinte created its very first swimwear collection.


The company accelerated growth of the brand on an international scale with modernised collections. In the space of just a few months, Empreinte became a must-have desirable brand for women around the world. A real French success story.


The brand diversified into the seamless lingerie sector. As a pioneer in invisible lingerie, Empreinte enhances women’s figures with elegant and sophisticated creations. Providing a unique experience.


Empreinte continued to innovate and opened its first shop in Paris. The “Atelier Lingerie” is a place with a unique concept where the brand could showcase its values.


Empreinte launched its first global advertising campaigns in partnership with the renowned Leo Burnett agency (Publicis).